Hello and welcome to Chesapeake Bay Pain Medicine (CBPM), PC. I am Doctor Michael Gauthier, the President of CBPM, PC. While I have been involved in pain management since 1995, I opened my practice here in Virginia Beach in 2007. My practice of medicine is simple in scope. I perform only injection therapy and strive to be the very best in the Chesapeake Bay area. By concentrating on injections in and around the spine, I have a very strong experience in this part of the body. I treat disorders of the neck and back that cause pain. The most common treatment I perform is an epidural steroid injection for “pinched “nerves. Often, a herniated (protruding) disc puts pressure on the nerve causing pain. The nerve swells and the pain continues. By placing the steroid medication close to the swollen nerve and herniated disc, I reduce the swelling of the nerve which takes 3 to 7 days. My hope is that the disc herniation will naturally (or with physical therapy) return to the inside of the disc and the relief will be long lasting. I may need to do more than 1 injection which I will usually perform 2 to 3 weeks after the first.

I understand that many patients have a fear of needles. After I have received the referral and X-ray reports from your doctor, my staff will call you. We ask about your medical history and treatments you have received for your pain. I or the Physician Assistant will describe the injection to you. I will review everything again with you the day of your appointment. This helps reduce your fear a lot. Yes, there are some ouches. I tell you everything that I am doing while I am doing it. I numb the spot of the injection. I use a C-arm fluoroscope (X-ray machine) to guide the needle to the correct spot. If you do not have a contrast dye (X-ray dye) allergy, I inject the dye to double check that the needle is in the right spot before I give you the steroid. There may be some pressure (or ouch) as I give you the steroid. Almost all of the patients say, “That was not as bad as I expected.”

I and my staff will take good care of you and we look forward to helping you soon.

Michael Gauthier, MD.